Volunteer Performance Opportunities for the Central FL Renaissance Festival

It’s the season of the Central FL Renaissance Festival, and we are looking for fun and creative people to help us bring our village to life! No matter your level of performing experience, there’s a place for you in the Realm of Doolan!

What We Need

In order to fill every corner of our Faire with life, we need performers to wander the streets and interact with all the patrons who come through the gates.

We’ll need people to play characters from all walks of Renaissance life; from noble Ladies-in-Waiting to dirty peasants, from dashing knights to devil-may-care rogues.

Each of these ‘Players of the Realm’ serves a vital role in ensuring that our Festival is more than just vendors and stage shows, but rather a thriving village where at any moment, at any place, a patron can encounter a wondrous and magical experience. 

What You’ll Receive

Most of our Players of the Realm are volunteers, but all Players will be well fed on Festival days. And for aspiring performers, the Central FL Renaissance Festival offers a unique form of training that will be of particular use in today’s theatre industry, where improv and interaction are becoming more commonplace.

Training will Include:

  • Improvisation
  • Street Interaction
  • Elizabethan Language and Dialect (a chance to learn the proper use of ‘thee’ and ‘thou’)
  • An overview of Elizabethan History and Culture (a handy asset when tackling any Shakespeare show)

Each Player of the Realm will receive 2 comp tickets to the Faire, as well as an invite to the cast party on Friday night, April 13th.


Although the exact schedule isn’t finalized, rehearsals will most likely take place on Saturdays in March. Some will be in our rehearsal venue in Orlando; others will be onsite at the Festival in Sorrento. While attendance at all rehearsals is strongly encouraged, it is by no means mandatory.


Once a character role has been assigned to you, you’ll be assigned a costume by the Festival’s Costume Supervisor. For those who would like to supply their own costume pieces, that is absolutely allowed, so long as it fits your role and is approved by the Talent Director.

When and Where

Festival days are April 7, 8, 13 (education day), 14, and 15, on the grounds of the Easter Seals camp, at 31600 Camp Challenge Road, in Sorrento (20 minutes north of Apopka, or 25 minutes west of Sanford). The Festival is open from 11 AM – 7 PM; performers will be needed by 9:30.


Anyone who’d like to become a Player of the Realm should reach out to the Talent Director, Arthur Rowan. His email is arthur@renfestcfl.com, or he can be called/texted at 646-463-4677. Please provide a brief description of your theatrical experience, as well as a headshot (any photo of you is fine). Lastly, if possible, please send a brief 30 second video of either a monologue, or just telling us a little about yourself. This video is not required, but will help us find the right role for you as we build our village.