Isaac Fawlkes Magician


Onstage, Isaac Fawlkes likes to joke about being a few damsels short of a shire, but that’s part of the fun he peddles.

Producing a deck of cards for audience inspection, Isaac Fawlkes warned, “There aren’t 52 cards here because I don’t play with a full deck.”

But he does play with a snake, Fang, his partner in crime onstage.

“Fang is like my American Express card,” Fawlkes said. “I never leave home without him.” Fang, in addition to reading audience members’ minds, seems to always be the one to save the day.

Fang is also an audience favorite, captivating kids and igniting the laughter.

And it’s the laughter and the fun that keep audiences coming back, and Isaac Fawlkes a success.

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