Gypsy Blue Trading
Gypsy Blue Trading
  • Beautiful Artisan Jewelry created in; Precious Metals, Gold, Sterling Silver, Copper. Crystal,  Art Glass,  Beads, Wood, Bone, Horn, Fossil, Butterfly, Gemstones,  Atocha Silver Coin . Many Designs one or very few of a kind; Surf & Sea Life, Nautical, Celtic, Viking,  Pirate, Mermaid, Fairy, Tribal, Skulls,

        Dia de los Muertos,   Steampunk,  Metaphysical,  Boho  &Gypsy .

    Hand cast American Made Pewter ; Skull  Beads, Buttons, Replica pieces of 8 / reales treasure coins & Pendants.

    Fashion Jewelry; Gold & Silver Plated; Cameos, Pins and Conchos.

    Costuming & Accessories; Cosplay, Pirate, Renaissance, Medieval, Viking, SCA . Ostrich and Peacock Feather  Plumes . One of a kind Pirate Tri-corn & Steampunk Felt Hats with Plumes.

    Tribal / Pirate Hair Beads.  Yarn Dreads.

    Wrought iron & Stainless steel Utensils & Pewter ware/ Dishes, Tankards, Flasks.

    Party Beads, Plush Toys;  Dragons, Mermaids, Monkees, etc.

    Nautical Brass; Navigational Seafaring Tools, Working Spy Glass, Compass, Powder Horn, etc.

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