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If you’re new to us, we’ve been selling fine Kilts and Celtic Wear for over a decade. What started as a few kilts in common tartans has grown into 100+ in-stock tartans, 500+ available for custom order, and more arriving regularly. Our expansive in-stock selection means we can get a kilt to your doorstep as quick as possible.

Our online sales are only part of our business: we spend 11 months of the year on the road meeting as many of you as we can, face to face, at some of the best cultural events in the country. From Wisconsin to Florida, from New York to Texas, and all points in between, we’re setting up for shows nearly every weekend of the year to bring the joy of kilts to both devotees and new converts alike. It continues to be our great honor creating long term customers along the way, and every show is like returning home to an old circle of friends. Since registering our web presence HighlandKilt.com in 2007, we’ve tremendously enjoyed our ever growing online community of friends as well. As we always say, you may come to us a stranger, but you’ll leave a friend:) 

Our vision and goals are simple: 1) To give you the highest quality Highland Wear possible, at the prices that are affordable, allowing more people connect with their heritage. 2) To provide excellence in customer service. 3) To continually evolve our product line to provide products that meet the needs of our customers. 

And we hear you. We consistently listen to your feedback and ideas, and put things into action. In addition to expanding the variety of tartans in our traditional kilts, we have a talented team of designers working on innovative new takes on Celtic Wear for the modern age. While we will never stop promoting the traditional, the future of Highland Wear is at Highland Kilt Company, and we’re sure you’ll be impressed with some of the new styles we roll out as we enter into the next few seasons!

Whatever your Highland Wear needs are, whether a simple kilt pin or outfitting an entire wedding party, we look forward to taking care of every detail from start to finish. You can contact us at any time with questions, feedback, or suggestions. We’ll enjoy hearing from you.


The Crew of Highland Kilt Company